RPG #10 - Pathfinding (again)

In the last blog I switched from a grid-based movement system to a system that allows the player to move in any direction. Additionally, I’ve stopped using a GridMap for build my levels and instead am now using the Quake map format.

Unfortunately this means that the pathfinding system using AStar I built before is no longer valid. In contrast though, I can now use Navigation nodes for pathfinding without doing too much work myself.


Qodot generates collision meshes for us, this means that if we simply move the QodotMap to be a child of NavigationMeshInstance we can automatically generate the NavMesh from the level.

Tree when using Qodot with Navigation

From there I retrofitted the script from my previous implementation so that monster would follow an array of points to their target. For now updating the target every frame doesn’t appear to be a problem with small amount of monsters.